Encounter with Shadow Person 3/17/16


I do want to disclaim this that I share these…experiences in hopes to destigmatize hallucinations and delusions. Honestly however for me they’re almost banal. So if my unconcerned tone is surprising it’s because prior to my concern of destigmatizating mental health I used to just make notes of these things in journals.

For years.


This morning I encountered a shadow person walking across my vision as I was waking up. Male, about five foot I think as I didn’t have to move my head up to see his though I was laying on my side. He just walked across my vision and as soon as he crossed it he was gone.

No face, no eyes, no mouth. Smooth and expressionless. I was not experiencing sleep paralysis as I immediately turned my head and pushed myself up, fully awake, to look for him.

I have seen shadows from the corners of my eyes before while awake, but never a full bodied one moving across my field of vision.


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