New Project

I’ve started a new project where for a year I’m going to record my sleep paralysis episodes and other hallucinations in a journal. To be published in some way maybe after i’m dead. Or I just want the record in my hands. Anyway I bought two notebooks on clearance but hopefully a year doesn’t fill both.

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Anyway, as such I won’t be posting updates here anymore. I am however going to leave my already archived posts up for those who may need them. I am always open to discussing sleep paralysis, hallucinations, delusions, and any other mental health things you want to get off your chest.

You can use my ask here (anonymous is on), message me if you’re a follower (unfortunately I had to turn off non-friends as I was getting spam messages), or use my (also anonymous enabled).

And remember: you’re not bother me, you’re helping me too. Part of the reason I posted those things at all was for people to feel safer about talking about their experiences which includes me. I may be busy (I’m going to start teaching classes soon at my new job) but you are not an annoyance.

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