TSA Agent Kruze: Was the Pain Worth It?

Yesterday, I was harassed by a group of TSA agents after disclosing my disabled status while seeking the special assistance queue.

My name is Brittany, and I am a woman with an invisible disability.

This article is by a friend of mine that I like everyone to check out. People need to realize the minefield disabled people face just getting from Point A to Point B. As someone with a visible disability I have also been humiliated and bullied by public transport workers.

…they will likely be allowed to continue treating future passengers in this fashion, making more disabled individuals feel less than human, like they are inconveniences, like they deserve the pain and discomfort they feel for existing in the same spaces as able-bodied people, like they are less worthy of respect than the passengers without disabilities who pass through their checkpoint.

Many transportation workers seem to hate the disabled because we are perceived to make their job more difficult, not also passengers trying to get somewhere. Instead of vetting a broken system they turn on the victims instead.

It’s wrong and it needs to stop.


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