Response to Ideatrash re: Steampunk Universe Anthology

Response to this as Blogger ate the original comment.

I appreciate your efforts and willingness to listen, however I still have some problems with how this project was apparently handled. I don’t want to discourage able people from writing people unlike themselves, but there are still things to be addressed.

The biggest being with so many disabled and neurodivergent writers struggling and starving to be published that you managed to get “a little less than half” in your anthology that is supposed to be about disability and neurodiveregent characters because “that’s how things worked out”.

It implies one) that able writers are able to portray disability as well as disabled people. Your update today already showed the problem with this idea. While I am aware that the statement was not made in malice and with no intent to harm; it was still ignorant. It’s a common idea in able people disability is a difficulty because of life’s cruelty, that we’re simply not made for this world. When in fact able people are the ones who make the world difficult for disabled people and those with atypical neurologies because of their inability to make accommodations or even understand our needs. An even cursory search on disability representation brings up the medical versus social model of disability, the first concept in understanding this idea. Disability does not “make things a little bit different”, trying to survive in a society that has no use for you and often wants you dead does.

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The Ring and the Bridle Chp. 9


[Image description: A black and white book cover entitled “The Ring and the Bridle”.  The cover has a border of Celtic knots. The title is surrounded by filigree. Below the title is a silhouette of a horse rearing.]

Eddie accidentally incurs the wrath of a kelpie when she save her older brother from drowning. Instead of finding help from the local magic community however she instead finds herself “being pulled three different ways”. By the old woman and her jinn who may have ulterior motives, the eternally young Scot with a guilty conscience, and most of all by the local enchanter who offers her a golden bridle to enslave her foe.

The choice however is hers alone.

Nothing chased away the memory of her last smile. Not drugs, not anguish, regret, or anger.

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