The Ring and the Bridle Chp. 13


[Image description: A black and white book cover entitled “The Ring and the Bridle”.  The cover has a border of Celtic knots. The title is surrounded by filigree. Below the title is a silhouette of a horse rearing.]

Eddie accidentally incurs the wrath of a kelpie when she save her older brother from drowning. Instead of finding help from the local magic community however she instead finds herself “being pulled three different ways”. By the old woman and her jinn who may have ulterior motives, the eternally young Scot with a guilty conscience, and most of all by the local enchanter who offers her a golden bridle to enslave her foe.

The choice however is hers alone.


“I am a selkie, a daughter of the ocean, I am immortal and wild. Yet humans have such a frail beauty, the way they love, no fae could do it on their own, they can only imitate. Once, Lorna had a lot of love to give. When she first cried seven tears into the sea as a lonely young girl and I was attracted to her empty heart that was seeking desperately to fill itself. I wished to fill that void with myself, my love, my life, my everything, I gave up my very existence to her with my pelt.”

Chapter Thirteen at:

Ao3 | FictionPress 

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