[Image description: The hardcover of “The Mysteries of Harris Burdick”. It’s a grayscale sketch of three children sailing down a rail road track on a pumpcart with a sail.]

If you’re unfamiliar with “The Mysteries of Harris Burdick”, it has a story as enigmatic as the illustration inside.

The illustrations are meant to help writers by showing stituations that can only exist in dreams. It invites the writer to fill in the lines.

After explaining this Burdick left his illustrations at the publishers. The editor Burdick met tried to track him down for years, but never found him. It’s as if he just stepped out of our reality, leaving behind his gift.

I always dream of stories. Lucid dreams during which I think “this would make a great story!”. Then I wake up amd find my dream-stories have no place in reality. Their reasoning can’t exist on a rational plane. I dream of my characters from “The Ring and the Bridle”, which I never did while writing it. So I’m continually teased and frustrated.

I hope by seeing things from the dreams of others I can at last make something real.

In the meantime I’ve housecleaned this blog a little, privating things that are no longer relevant, or never were. I’m often cheered by my utter lack of a following, honestly, it makes certain things easier.

And I plan to try to spend time on my vacation actually editing as I’ll be flying for two total days. If I’m not working on my next Great American Novel (as my mother calls it). Something likely to do with dog brains being placed in disabled women’s heads to make them pliant sex slaves, if this awful nerve flare doesn’t eat my inspiration whole. If you’re shocked; there’s good reason this blog is called “Grotesque”.

And if women with dog brains told from a feminist perspective sounds intriguing; check out my story “Heart-Song” in “Strange California” on August 29th! That story is about a woman who kills a river; so the river’s daughter kills the woman’s daughter; twice.


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