Updates + Pictures of my Cats


Image description: The coverleaf of my story “Heartsong”. It features the faces of two women overlaid over one another, along with filigree. 


First of all; YOU CAN BUY PRINTS OF THE LEAFCOVER OF MY STORY HEARTSONG. THIS IS FREAKIN’ AMAZING! It’s the first time I’ve had any sort of art associated with my stories and it’s freakin’ gorgeous! I’m gonna buy a poster, everyone buy a poster!


Image description:A gif of Ron Swanson of “Parks and Rec” dancing around the office.

Okay, now that it’s out of my system, updates! Yes, I actually have some.



Everytime I try to write.  [Image description: A calico cat perching on top of an open notebook that is full of writing.]

I’ve been working on an expanded re-write of The Red Mark. To spare my back I am hand-writing the rough draft. Hopefully this means less time on the computer with the second draft. I’ll start posting updates around the beginning of September when my summer quarter is finally over. I’m also thinking of a new title; “The Blood of the Forest God”, perhaps.


Five minutes after I chase off the first cat. [Image description: An orange tabby on top of an open notebook with one page written on, and a pen.]

Next, I’ve started editing The Ring and the Bridle for publication. This means I ordered a single copy from Lulu so I can make all my editorial remarks in the margins. Then I go back to the manuscript and polish it. So, I’d cautiously say it’ll be available around…December as that’s my next school break.

And that’ll probably round out the rest of 2017. Of course, remember to buy “Strange California” on 8/29!


[Image description: A poster announcing the publication of”Strange California”.  It shows the cover art of a young man with a bear-head roaring. It lists the authors and publication date.]


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