Please Read

So I’ve come to a crossroads. Basically I was going to hold off on making an announcement on this because I wanted a true answer but this is beginning to affect me so much that I have two choices; don’t engage on social media or admit it.

I chose the latter because, well, my health has stopped my ambitions before I won’t let it happen again.

Basically, it has become apparent to doctors I don’t have just degenerative disc disease. A recent MRI revealed my excruciating upper  and mid back pain and the numbness along my right rib cage has nothing to do with a slipped disc. (I have previously been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease.)

They’re thinking MS, or something like it. A degenerative neurological condition as my condition is continuing to deteriorate.

One of my symptoms is exhaustion. Just, like, if I have the choice to sleep or lay down I take it. Today I slept through most of #adpit, not something I meant to do but it happened.Either from the drugs, stress, or whatever is going on with me I’m having difficulty with memory recall, typing, and putting my thoughts together. Like, I’ll do one thing then remember I meant to do it after something else. I am having difficulty holding to a schedule.

So as this is a professional account I just want it to be known if my typing is clumsy or if I am not responding in a timely manner; this is why. I am not usually a flaky person. I am tying to set up fail-safes but…things may fall through the cracks.

I probably won’t know for months what it exactly wrong with me but they know at least it is neurological. My first neurologist meeting is the 14th of this month, five days after my 29th birthday. After that I’ll probably have to go through a battery of tests.

It’ll be an interesting Spring and Summer. I just hope this all gets resolved by Fall 2016 when I start university.

I sent out a bunch of query letters, which I intend to follow through on if it is warranted.I am going to try to participate in #DVpit. But after that, i will probably be cutting back on my professional activities.I have a few short stories still circulating but, I am probably not going to produce more short work for a while.

I’m just so tried, all the time. And painful. I can’t overfill my plate.