Allyship is not mere “tolerance”.

Or, “sorry no cookies for you, insincere able-person.”


[Image description: A pink “your ecards” that depicts a black and white drawing of a man and a woman standing side by side on the right hand side. On the left black text reads: “P.S. I’ll tolerate you”.]

I paid $26 to renew this domain so I may as well use it to vent my spleen (because why else do we blog?).

My ire this morning was drawn to this article. The tl;dr version is “Professor condescend to a student asking for accommodations so hard she scares the student from ever contacting her again. She takes this as a victory for some reason.”


[Image description: A gif of Jim Carrey in “Liar Liar” slamming his head on a desk in a courtroom as his stunned client sits next to him.]

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Chapter Two Preview

“I would court you, if you would allow it.”

“No, no, no! I don’t!” Eddie was surprised to find herself stamping her foot but she could not emphasize her refusal enough. “You can forget it! So! Just! Fuck off!”

The kelpie narrowed his eyes. “This courtship is in lieu of far greater punishment for your trespass on my waters and the gouging of my eye.”

He ran his fingers beneath his opaque right eye.

“I know it! But I won’t have it! Just leave me alone!I’m sorry you’re angry but I wasn’t picking a fight with you. I never meant to hurt you either! Please! I just wanted to protect my brother’s life!”

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